Tips to Help You Improve Your Tennis Serve Technique

You can be o demoralized when you perform a failed serve prior to starting the actual tennis rally. A failed serve can have a negative impact on the game’s outcome. This is because the opponent normally gains a point to serve twice successfully as a result of the failure. This is also referred to as a double fault. The tennis serve is a stroke that can fairly challenge you, it needs a precise timing sense and proper hand-eye coordination. Discussed below is a step by step guide that will aid you in improving your tennis serve techniques.

To start with, it is crucial that you have a continental grip. This is very important if you wish to sever successfully. A lot of players normally have a forehand grip that restricts their ability to swing the racquet along the appropriate swing path which results in an impact on the spin and speed is generated. It is also important that you relax your hand and arm. A lot of players usually have a lot of tension in their arms and hard, most especially when they begin the motion. Therefore when players get ready to serve they are supposed to be aware of the tension in their grip. In other terms, keep a watch on the level of tightness of the hand in squeezing the racquet at the start of the motion as well as in the entire swing. For tips, see more here.

A lot of players move very quickly at the start of the motion and cause their racquet to go up too early and this ends up throwing them off their timing and rhythm. The main thing is having a slow tempo at the start of the motion prior to moving into the swing’s acceleration phase.A lot of o players do not remember that targeting and aiming is so crucial to a service’s success. Players should pay attention to the spot where they wish to hit to and try their level best to make sure that they hit that specific spot. It may seem more like having a dart thrown to a bullseye. In case the ball fails to hit the target just keep practicing and adjusting your aim until the consistency is build up.

Turning the shoulders is essential. A lot of players do not have a proper shoulder turn to assist them in having an efficient and effortless serve. In a case where the upper body fails to work properly, then the power that is naturally east is tough to come by. Check out Tennis Evolution now for even more tips.

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